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The Mandala Series

During the past decade in alignment wth her Soul’s guidance, Christine has created some significant bodies of work which carry a collective ‘theme’ of energy.

Every Mandala is both an ongoing interactive energy portal as well as a ‘visual historic record’ of the changes we are all experiencing during this great Shift..... as such the transformational energy of every Mandala during it’s creation has also been a part of Christine’s own spiritual journey.

Christine is guided to paint as soon as the energy that is needed begins to enter her fact this becomes a necessity, for as the channel for this energy, she is compelled to express it once it is received.  The combined sacred geometry, symbols, and colours that are used are totally channelled through her I AM presence.  Each Mandala can take weeks or in some cases even months or years to fully create. This is because to fully encapsulate the energy matrix that is needed, the Mandala must be multi-layered and channelled in alignment with various energy streams or levels of consciousness and information as it becomes available. The Sacred Geometry channelled within these Mandala’s creates an energy portal through which ‘the language of light’ can be transmitted indefinitely.

The timing of the creation process is determined by a number of factors: Christine’s higher Self, essential astrological influences (eg Universal, lunar and planetary cycles), humanities ability to integrate the messages into conscious awareness and most importantly in alignment with the timing of the Earth’s ascension process also.

To carry out this work this accurately, requires a high level of Integration and Trust with her own ‘I AM’ presence and ensures that all of Christine’s work is intuitively guided and created from a higher level of awareness, and not generated by the mind.

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The creation of an Original Mandala

Click here >> to watch a slideshow to see how one of Christine's Mandala is created

The Gallery

> The Self Empowerment Series     

> A Soul's Journey

> The ZEN Series

> The Ascension Series

> The Galactic Connection

> The Journey Through Time and Beyond

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> Commissioned Work

Sccred Feminine

In my case this is the one that has the most active energy. Almost like the one you are the least drawn to, it holds the greatest hidden gifts and reminders. This is different for everybody of course. However being female is one thing, honoring yourself as the Goddess you are is something quite different. As I started to work with this Mandala, I have been able to make a closer connection with the woman that I truly am. In almost unrecognizable small steps I gained the strengths to stand up for myself, to speak my truth and break free from situations that were holding me back.  I come out of my shell more and more. Making time to listening to my inner voice, I started to do more things for myself and began remembering who I really am on the inside as well as on the outside. Once I started to notice myself, I got noticed as well. However the biggest gift is to feel my own potential now, and see how that is also touching the female energy within the people around me as well.

Viola , The Hague, The Netherlands

Sccred Relationship

At the time I started to work with this Mandala,  I was in a very difficult relationship. All we did was have arguments and fights. As soon as this Mandala entered my home, I noticed that the fighting stopped. Although the relationship finally ended, the separation was surrounded with ease and grace. From that moment onwards I have been inspired and supported by the energies of this Mandala to reach a sacred relationship with myself. I have discovered  new insights as to who I am, what makes me happy and what I want. All around me my relationships with myself, family, friends as well as my business contacts have changed immensely. Either the contact has been transferred into an unconditional one on the basis of acceptance and love, or people have left my life with ease and grace.  The relationship I now hold with myself is everything that I always felt it would be and so much more than I had ever imagined.

Viola , The Hague, The Netherlands

Rainbow Serpent

During a guided meditation in Christine’s workshop with this energy I could feel myself fly through the sky. Wrapping the whole planet Earth into a fluffy blanket of love. Beautiful experience. Although I am very aware that I need to heal myself first, before you can be there for others. Slowly I am becoming more drawn to this Mandala. Within the artwork of this energy I see the turmoil and chaos of the world we are living in. Moving with my eyes towards the center there is balance, clarity and equality for us all. Living in harmony side by side seems more within reach. In small steps I feel myself shifting from being of service for myself towards being of service to others. Every night I send my blessings into the world and all the people living in it, while reliving the meditation experienced during Christine’s workshop.

Viola , The Hague, The Netherlands

Dragon Energy

The energy of this Mandala held my attention for a long time. I remember looking at it so many times. Feeling shivers and almost a bit afraid to really surrender and let go in order to deal with my inner dragon. However once I did, it was the most powerful experience. I broke free of a very unhealthy relationship. I let go of a very old abusive energy. I faced the truths about the way I was managing my company. In a very conscious way I was reminded to face the situations head on, that were blocking me to move forward. And once I did, the rewards were amazing and gave me beautiful reminders of the strengths that have always been there inside of me. I described it many times that I needed to let my dragon roar in order for me to realize, that my dragon never sleeps anymore.

Viola , The Hague, The Netherlands


Before I started working with this beautiful energy I saw myself as almost invisible. It felt like I was hiding and too shy to really present myself. Over the past two years I have been very gently with ease and grace moving closer to who I really am. Speaking my own truth, daring to be visible and finding joy as I got to know myself better. Removing obstacles and letting go of old patterns that were blocking me, happened in a very supportive way. After spending some time alone, a dear friend of mine asked me if it wasn’t very hard to be confronted with myself. I instantly replied: No, not at all. It’s actually quite fun to run into myself. Getting in touch with my authenticity is like coming home. This Mandala is placed in a very prominent place in my living room. Whenever I  have friends visiting me they are drawn to take a closer look. It is almost as if they first need to look Authenticity right in the eye, prior for us to connect for the time we are going to spend together. This is the case for female as well as male friends.

Viola , The Hague, The Netherlands

Self Empowerment

The last of the energies that was covered in the workshop was the Self Empowerment Mandala energy. This one is almost wrapping all the previous energies all together and placing a beautiful ribbon and bow around them. The other Mandala’s woke up different parts of my being, and while working with this energy they were all integrated into one. I recognized that I actually had this power inside of myself all along. I just didn’t know how to make contact with it. I used to reach out to others seeking their strengths to deal with challenges that crossed my path. However as I was working with this Mandala I was reminded how to connect to my own inner strengths. I was also shown how to listen more clearly to my Higher Self, who provides me with the answers I need in perfect timing. To hold my own power, gives me so much freedom. Enabling me to connect with other people on a much more even level than ever before.

Viola , The Hague, The Netherlands

Follow Your Dreams

As I was working with this energy it was like following a master class of the Self Empowerment series. The hardest part for me was to remember what my dreams were! What did I want?  What did I truly want to experience in this life?  From all angles I found out I had placed many limitations upon my dreams. Constantly holding my dreams up against the light of the current situation. With the support of this energy I have been able to open myself up again. To get connected with all my true desires in life. Daring to dream big again. How else can you visualize what is your future reality? So as I started to tune into my Higher Self to listen to what my heart was telling me, I also took the steps to bring my dreams into reality. Sometimes taking that step seems so illogical at the time. However once you hear what your heart truly wants there is no other way then to take the step. The first step is the hardest, but once I did that, there has been so much more that is unfolding. Now it looks like my reality got bigger then my dreams started out to be.

Viola , The Hague, The Netherlands