How do they work ?

Mandalas can be used as spiritual transformational and meditation aids in a non-religious Universal context.

When you connect with any of Christine’s Mandalas the energies, colours, numerological sequences, and symbols used will have a profound effect on the viewer, as the channelled energies will be felt and recognised at a higher level by the Soul or Higher Self and ‘downloaded’ into your cellular memory.  This occurs whether the Mandala is an original, a print or a website image.

A Mandala when hung in a room or sacred space, also acts as a visually beautiful energy portal or ‘Feng Shui' piece radiating out the energies that are most needed to activate personal and spiritual growth. When experienced over time, it will support the manifestation of the highest outcomes required by the Soul. If there are any blockages, limiting patterns, or belief systems still being held by the viewer(s) that would prevent this, the energies channelled into the mandala will also assist the gentle release of these.

Each unique original Mandala Christine channels and creates and all prints come with a signed certificate of authenticity, and instructions as to how to work the most effectively with the energies and encoded messages contained within the Mandala. 

You do not have to consciously understand the contents of a Mandala in order to gain the energetic benefits.  Nor do you have to spend hours in meditation and contemplation unless this is a chosen aspect of your spiritual practice. Simply by looking at the Mandala with conscious intent to align with the energy for a few minutes each day will activate a transformational effect.

How can the Mandala help you?

Mandalas can be used as meditation aids and tools to enable the release of limiting patterns and beliefs as well as bringing new energies and states of awareness and consciousness into your life.

Psychologist Carl Jung saw the mandala as a powerful tool towards personal understanding and growth. According to Jung, the mandala can be a representation of an individual's subconscious.

Every Original mandala or print of an original, created by Christine carries a specific energy theme that will enhance your personal well being simply by hanging it in a room and viewing it daily.

If you choose to work more closely with it during regular meditation, then the effects of these energies will be further amplified and enhanced. Each Mandala is ‘titled’ allowing the viewer to be aware of the energy theme it contains. Using your conscious intent to bring these energies into your life will further activate, support and enhance the process.

Put simply …the encoded messages within each Mandala will assist you to change your life!

What is a Mandala?

The word Mandala is the Sanskrit word for ‘circle'. The circle symbolically represents wholeness, completion, the cosmos and universal life force or ‘God force'. Mandalas exist in all structures throughout the universe…including the human body………the iris of the eye is a perfect Mandala.

A mandala is a geometric pattern or chart, typically circular, which symbolically represents the cosmos and can be used for spiritual growth and meditation purposes. Human recognition of the mandala originated in the Hindu religion, in which it was first used as a design element in temples, and was then integrated into Buddhism. However, both sacred geometry and the concept of a Mandala is widely known and utilised in many other starseed cultures and civilisations throughout the Universe(s).

Creating a mandala is a form of meditation, as is contemplating a finished mandala. They are generally full of symbolism and richly detailed. 

None of the images you will see on this website are computer generated. Many of Christine's Mandala's take weeks and sometimes months to complete. The originals have all been carefully hand drawn and then intricately painted incorporating multiple layers of sacred geometry, symbols, numerological sequences and colours, all of which have a specific energetic meaning.

Slideshow:  The creation of a  Mandala >

Watch a slideshow, to see how one of Christine’s Mandala’s is created.


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