A Circle with a dot in the centre

depicts cyclic perfection or the completion of a cycle and the resolution of all possibilities in existence.  It is also a symbol of the Sun Gods, the Alchemist and the supreme power of  the TAO.

Concentric circles 

represent – Solar & Lunar – The sky, The Heavens and the different states or degrees of consciousness in Manifest existence.  3 concentric circles can signify – past – present – future,   earth – air – water,   the phases of the moon or the dynamics of the reconciliation of opposites.

Two Concentric Circles   

represent the combination of intellect and will. 

A Semi-circle depicts the following – Upper half, the upper waters or the rainbow

Lower half, Lower waters or the Ark.  Together they create the whole – The ‘Cosmic Egg’ – the completion of a cycle of manifestation.

In Zen, the empty circle represents – enlightenment.

Twin Circles   

represent ‘Christ’ energy.

The circle containing a cross

symbolises Paradise and the four cardinal directions, North – South – East – West and also symbolises good fortune and a forthcoming change in one’s life.

The circle surmounting the cross – eg ‘The Ankh’

represents the union of the male and female principles, human and divine, sacred space and a cosmic centre.

Symbols are a universal language understood by all beings, no conscious thoughts are needed.  They are used and understood at the superconscious level by all cultures and civilisations on Earth and throughout the greater Universe(s). 

Here on Earth they have been used a means of recording historical events, and in many indigenous cultures have told the story of our connection to the cosmos and our original star seed origins. In all civilisations and cultures throughout the ages symbols and sacred geometry have been used in artistic depictions of sacred ceremonies and rituals which encompass the very essence of a ‘people’ or a certain way of living and being.  Even when the spoken language is different from tribe to tribe, civilisation to civilisation, culture to culture, religion to religion, the energy message of a symbol is timeless and understood by all, past, present and into the future.

Certain geometrical shapes have the power to reach deep into the unconscious and effect subtle changes in the observer.  This principle  has also been applied by skillful and knowledgeable architects throughout the ages – for example, visitors to classical Greek sites such as the Parthenon often experience a sense of inner tranquility that can stay with them for a long time after leaving.  Similarly the soaring grandeur and stained glass windows of Europe’s great cathedrals often evoke in the viewer a sense of boundless spiritual possibilities.

In Mandalas the symbolism of geometrical shapes is used to maximum effect.  These complex sacred diagrams act as a focus for meditation and inner transformation. They are essentially descriptions of the universe and the forces of creation that drive it.  By simply viewing or meditating on the symbols and moving mentally towards the centre, the seeker is made aware of deep levels of meaning.  The shapes that appear most frequently in Mandalas are circles, squares and triangles in various configurations.  Combinations of these forms can produce extraordinary visual effects, conveying the idea that nothing exists except as an encounter between various fields of energy, just as a rainbow is created only when sunlight, water and the  observers power of sight come together. 

Through meditation on the Mandala the mind is gradually able to ‘unscramble’ the sets of relationships and layers, which give an illusionary permanence to the outside world, whilst activating a greater insight to the inner world of ‘knowing’ or simply ‘being’.  Mandalas represent the realities that lie beyond the world of physical form and assist the viewer to recognise and integrate this unconscious knowledge.

The circle opens the soul and allows the sacred geometry which is contained within it to speak directly to the DNA. 

This, combined with the universal energies that have been channeled during the creation of Christine’s Mandalas will activate the DNA in all those who are ready to journey on their ascent to Spiritual Mastery.

The Circle

The Circle is a universal symbol representing Totality, Wholeness, Simultaneity, Original Perfection, The Unmanifest, The Infinite, Eternity and…GOD or Source, the creator of all that is.

‘God’ is a ‘circle’ whose centre is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere.

Roundness is held sacred as the most natural shape and it is also timeless and spacelessness – having no beginning and no end, no above and no below.

The circle represents the eternal ‘NOW’ – this moment, the only one you ever have.  It symbolises Celestial Unity and Recurrence, Solar cycles, all cyclic motion, dynamism, endless movement, completion and fulfillment.